Tom Hall, Untitled #1, performance



PitchCircle3D is a part of the notation project, intended for sharing notation with both performers and audiences alike. It allows multiple views of pitch information in the form of a spiral and 3D helix. There are several conference papers on this project available from the writing page.

All the Chords and Others (excerpt) by Tom Hall from Tom Hall on Vimeo.


PitchCircle provides a visual representation of cycle of fifths sets in the form of 12TET ic 7 segments and subsets, entered as arrays of integers. PitchCircle can be animated in realtime so and used to as a form of notation to visualise notes (12TET easiest), or to act as a score and/or framework for improvisation. See video below.

pitchcircle screenshot

PitchCircle and Performance

PitchCircle / PitchCircle3D has been used in performance, in a stand-alone electronic music composition (various versions, including for 2 and 8 channels), or as part of a framework for semi-improvisation. all the chords and others can be set to "auto play" or controlled via OSC messages, as in the video example below (iPod running TouchOSC).

2012-06-21. Performance: all the chords and others (2012), version for computer electronics and visuals and saxophone. With Kevin Flanagan. Part of Private View of 'Poetry, Language, Code' - Summer Exhibition. Ruskin Gallery, Anglia Ruskin University.

All the Chords, by Tom Hall (2012) from Tom Hall on Vimeo.

2012-06-16. Performance: all the chords and others (2012), version for live computer audio, computer visuals and toy piano trio. With Kevin Flanagan, Drew Milne and Redell Olsen. Part of Creating and Performing Musical Media, a one-day unconference hosted by the Digital Performance Laboratory. Recital Room, Helmore Building, Department of Music and Performing Arts. Anglia Ruskin University.

2012-04-25. all the chords in the keys of c (2009, rev. 2012), for 8-channel computer playback and visual display. Part of the second annual 4for8 concert. [FB link]. TAI-Studio of the MediaLab Helsinki, Hämeentie 135 C, 00076 Helsinki, Finland.

2009-04-08. all the chords i should have played in the keys of c, for live computer playback and visuals. Part of the SuperCollider Symposium Kickoff Show. The Tank, 354 West 45th Street, New York, NY.


PitchCircle is available as a SuperCollider Quark, or can be downloaded here: Download PitchCircle (v0.92, 2012-04-1, 25kb)